poets against the war

Laura Bush’s cancellation of the White House Poetry Symposium (see yesterday’s entry here) has engendered quite a bit of press coverage. See the AP blurb, the New York Times article, the BBC, and the Guardian, for example. Visit Sam Hamill’s Poets Against the War site to read more anti-war poetry (and, in the interest of fairness, I’ll give a $20 bill to anyone who can point me to a “poets for war” site if there is such a thing, so I can link to both!)


4 Responses to “poets against the war”

  1. Poets for War Says:

    Use the $20 to buy yourself a history book so that you’ll be able to tell when history repeats itself.

  2. hiker Says:

    Wow. There’s even a poem from my neighbor Billy Joe on that site –and he is one damn good poet!

  3. ... Says:

    Not saying they’re any good, but:

  4. allan nicoletti Says:

    I would be glad to buy george bush a history book, though I am not sure he can read.

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