philharmonic opening

The Frank Gehry-designed Disney Concert Hall opened yesterday. It’s disheartening that Gehry’s work is associated with Disney, but what the hell, this is L.A. We have a Staples Center for crying out loud. The Los Angeles Philharmonic performed Bach, Mozart, and others. The website doesn’t show many photos of the hall, so you’ll have to go here and here. Side note: For those of you who moan about the cult of the young and beautiful in publishing, rest assured that it’s no different in other creative spheres. I remember well the kinds of articles that came out when Esa-Pekka Salonen became conductor for the L.A. Phil.


2 Responses to “philharmonic opening”

  1. lar Says:

    I remember driving past it a few times when coming down from Sacramento during it’s construction. I always asked..
    “what’s that supposed to be?”
    I can see it doens’t look much different.

    I like the second link the best.
    I sort of appears to have fallen in on itself!

  2. The Elegant Variation Says:


    The highly anticipated Disney Concert Hall opened last night. (I apologize in advance for linking you to the infantile, unreadable, often laughable but always foul Los Angeles Times on this one. It won’t happen often. But they do have some

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