Last night we came home from dinner just as CNN was reporting that a missile might have struck at Saddam’s bunker and they were waiting to see if it had been successful.

Of course, I was hooked.

I had grown resigned to the fact that we were at war now, but this was quite an extraordinary turn of events. If the U.S. could capture Saddam on Day 1, then of course it changed the way the war would develop and there likely wouldn’t be nearly as many deaths as we had all feared.

But it was too good to be true. So I decided to get out of the roller-coaster ride now before my emotions get too tangled up. I remember on September 11, I didn’t leave the sofa all day watching CNN, switching to ABC, checking the laptop, etc. And I don’t want a repeat of that emotionally draining exercise. I’m going to try to retain whatever perspective I can on the events, and so I’m going to check the news only once a day. If I can.


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