panic time

How to freak me out:
Stop working and drive me mad because I’ve spilled a tiny bit of water on your up-and-down arrow key area.

How to calm me down:
Email me or post sage advice on how I can handle the problem.

On a more serious note, yes, the laptop is back online, though not before it gave me an anxiety attack. It’s brand new, for crying out loud! Didn’t know half a teaspoon worth of water could do so much damage. Let’s hope it continues working now.


3 Responses to “panic time”

  1. Big John Says:

    You sound really keyed up to me. I feel your pain, and want to point out that there is a preventative measure that would have averted this unpleasantness. Simply enclose the item in Saran Wrap or some similar material!

    It’s ‘clear’ that with such a laptop prophlyactic in place the offending foreign substance could have been warded off entirely.

    True, it will take getting used to, and the cooling vents will need to be accomodated, but legions of sales clerks will swear by it.

    Heck, if you substitute bubble wrap, you can have fun while you type!

    Too bad it don’t protect against viruses…

  2. erik Says:

    I can just see our dear Moorishgirl bent over her keyboard excitedly tapping away to make bubble-wrap bubbles pop.
    But, wrapping a keyboard in cling wrap seems a little excessive to me. Would you have to shove it in between all of the keys individually?

  3. moorishgirl Says:

    Actually, everything’s fine now. I just let it dry for a while and it set itself right. But it was a chilling 3 hours. Thanks to JR, Koningsvrou, and Alex for sending tips on what to do.

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