not the best timing for an Iraqi cookbook

I guess it’s hard enough to market fiction dealing with Iraq or Iraqi characters (see Crescent below) but imagine marketing a cookbook?


“So maybe this is not the best time to come out with an Iraqi cookbook. Nawal Nasrallah, the author of “Delights From the Garden of Eden: A Cookbook and a History of the Iraqi Cuisine,” concedes it. “I’m not in a feasting mood,” admitted Ms. Nasrallah, a former professor of English literature who fled Iraq between its two previous wars and worries about relatives in Baghdad. But Ms. Nasrallah, ebony-haired, effervescent and “about 50,” sets great store by the salutary comforts of the table. ” More from the New York Times article. Link via Mobylives.


2 Responses to “not the best timing for an Iraqi cookbook”

  1. sugarkane Says:

    Yeah, the weirdest thing about that review was that it hardly said a word about recipes. It went on and on about cuneiform tablets and the author’s personal history, but it mentioned maybe three dishes, and no recipe excerpts. Hmph.

  2. Jonathan Edelstein Says:

    I’ll have to get one to put next to my Palestinian cookbook. Together, they should be quite a conversation piece.

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