Rami G. Khouri has an interesting op-ed piece in today’s LA times (link), regarding the Administration’s contention that the arab media are inciting violence in Iraq. I agree: personally, I find the reporting outside the US to be much more balanced (contrary to most of my co-workers, who think that CNN and Fox are the epitome of equity).


3 Responses to “MEDIA AND IRAQ”

  1. Ossian Says:

    The Guardian is pretty fair.

  2. A Web Undone 2 Says:

    Shooting the Messenger

    Media Blamed for the Message “There is something pitiful about a person of Wolfowitz’s stature, experience and power responding to the regular killings of young Americans in Iraq by lashing out against Arab satellite TV channels like Al Jazeera and…

  3. eldan Says:

    By ‘fair’ do you mean ‘reflecting your own bias’? I often find myself agreeing with the Guardian, but I can’t help thinking it’s because its particular skew is close to my own thinking, and I’m not convinced I’ve seen any paper that doesn’t have a distinct skew one way or the other.

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