lit prize

I just found out that my story “El Dorado” has won a British Council Prize in Morocco. I’m pretty psyched.


9 Responses to “lit prize”

  1. ron c Says:

    Congrats! Where can one find it in print?

  2. Kislay Says:



  3. ExpatEgghead Says:

    Well done. I’m sure you deserved it.

  4. Jonathan Edelstein Says:


  5. alex Says:

    I knew it! Someone that writes that well had to be a pro :). Congratulations on the award.

  6. eldan Says:


  7. Maud Says:

    That’s fantastic! Can I buy a copy of it somehow?

  8. sugarkane Says:

    Great news! Where can we read it?

  9. moorishgirl Says:

    Thanks everyone. The award is institutional, but doesn’t involve print publication. Will let you know when/if the story comes out elsewhere.

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