it takes all kinds

I was sifting through my vacation emails when I came across this comment, posted on the blog in response to an old post of mine. I’m copying it below:

“I’m not sure what this site is all about as I only gave it a few
minutes, obviously not enough.
Anyway, why I’m here is because I did a search for “no germans allowed” and this site came up tops.
Why? Well I have a guestbook on my site – Nutrition for a Living Planet – and over the last few months I have only been getting postings from sour krauts who’ve turned it into a Blog for the purpose of promoting there own companies (SPAM) so I put a sign up “NO GERMANS ALLOWED” anyway it didn’t work so I now have had to stop my guestbook and I was wondering if there was anyone else out there who forbids bloody Germans to enter their pages.”

It’s things like this that brighten my day and make me feel this blog is worthwhile.


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