intelligence gathering vs. plagiarism

I guess Downing Street didn’t get the memo about what constitutes “intelligence,” or information gathered on the ground by reliable sources. The “smoking gun” dossier put forth by Tony Blair apparently contains large portions plagiarized (typos and all) directly from one Ibrahim Al-Marashi, a grad student in California who was publishing his own research in a scholarly journal. In addition, some of Al-Marashi’s words were changed in a way that makes the “Iraqi threat” more clear and imminent. Read about it here. And read about Tony Blair’s admission here.


2 Responses to “intelligence gathering vs. plagiarism”

  1. eldan Says:

    I find it very funny to think about the amount of trouble Tony would be in if he had handed that report in as a University student, and yet know that it might make a real difference to the world he pretty much gets away with it….

  2. eldan Says:

    erm… ‘know’ should have been ‘now’. Sorry.

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