hunt down the power generators instead

The invasion was three months ago today and the liberated people of Baghdad still have no electricity. Guess what, they’re not too thrilled.


3 Responses to “hunt down the power generators instead”

  1. Big John Says:

    C’mon MG, is that fair? “No electricity”? Even that left wing article from a left wing SF paper admitted there was SOME power, as much as 20 hours a day in some areas.

    I prefer to think of the horendous death rate in Iraq (thanks to Saddam) that will now be tapering off. Many hundreds of thousands who would have died will now have a chance to live.

    The temporary power shortage will soon be forgotten. Too bad the lack of a continuing death toll won’t be remembered (or even acknowledged) by a paper such as this one.

  2. Larry Lurex Says:

    Only 20 hours a day! Heck, I’d riot! I’m pretty annoyed if the lights flicker, let alone not being able to watch telly for four hours.

    But I’m sure the people of Baghdad are more concerned about other conditions, like clean water and armed gangs roaming the streets.

    Will someone please explain to me why the museum that was looted had no American guards, yet the oil ministry down the road had over 70? Ah, that’ll be priorities then.

  3. moorishgirl Says:

    Perhaps I misspoke when I said “no electricity” but the war’s been “over” for 2 months and when it’s 45 degrees celsius outside, I doubt anyone would want to go without for even short periods of time.

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