how to fake a hard day at the office

“David Wiskus gives new meaning to the term “working lunch.” The Denver tech-support worker installed a program on his Handspring Visor hand-held that allowed him to manipulate the screen on his office computer from a booth at a local diner. As he lingered for hours over burgers and fries, he could actually open windows and move documents around on his screen via the hand-held — creating the impression to anyone who walked by that the diligent Mr. Wiskus had just stepped away from his desk.” How to Fake A Hard Day at the Office
Via the Morning News.


2 Responses to “how to fake a hard day at the office”

  1. Omar Says:

    I want one of those!

  2. Big John Says:

    Is this a secure setup? What about malicious coworkers?

    Seems a window altering algorythm similar to a screensaver would be more reliable, if less fun.

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