hello l.a.

Benjamin Schwarz, the Atlantic‘s literary editor, will move the magazine literary editorship to Los Angeles in September. And no, it’s not because of the weather, people. There are actually smart and talented and cool people and ideas in this town.


4 Responses to “hello l.a.”

  1. Bill Day Says:

    I like the fact that, last time I checked, the Atlantic maintains open archives on the web. It has been a long time since I picked up the magazine, so perhaps I should see what I am missing. Moving to LA in order to produce smarter writing about popular culture sounds very uninteresting, however.

  2. Phil Says:

    I want to know if they’ll change the name to The Pacific.

  3. Larry Lurex Says:

    Somehow I doubt it? They didn’t change the name of the Australian Women’s Weekly when they started publishing it monthly…

  4. moorishgirl Says:

    I think Phil was making a joke, Larry.

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