hell freezes over

I never thought I’d see a turn-around like this one. Ariel Sharon actually used the word ‘occupation’ in reference to Israel: “I think that the idea of keeping 3.5 million Palestinians under occupation is the worst thing for Israel, for the Palestinians and also for the Israeli economy.” And, predictably, his core supporters are confused.


5 Responses to “hell freezes over”

  1. 0xdeadbeef Says:

    The world shakes! I never thought I’d see it either. It irks me no end that GW might actually have done something useful!!! ARGH!!! My head will explode!!!

  2. Sean Says:

    Without wishing to be unduly cynical I think it’s worth looking at this apparent volte face by Sharon in the context of the list of reservations about the roadmap that have been “leaked” today (28th May).

    In short, actions speak louder than words.

  3. eldan Says:

    I saw one of his ministers on TV last night trying desperately to reconcile things by arguing that ‘occupation’ was a reference to the state of the people, not the state of the land. No, I didn’t understand either….

  4. Tora Says:

    It helps his image-and how he’s ‘trying’ to get the peace map going.

  5. Sean Says:

    here’s some analysis on this subject from bitterlemons. It’s well worth taking a look round the other articles on their site if you get the time

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