greatest adventure books?

Book Magazine is running one of those lists that intrigues and delights and annoys all at once. They picked the “50 greatest adventure books of all time.” They only list the top 10 on their page, though. You’ll have to buy the magazine to see the rest.


9 Responses to “greatest adventure books?”

  1. Sugarkane Says:

    Ooh. Why haven’t I ever heard of this magazine before? I think now I’ll have to go out and buy it.

  2. Jos Says:

    You should not buy anything by anyone who thinks Don Quixote is an adventure book.

  3. sugarkane Says:

    That’s interesting. I haven’t read Don Quixote so I couldn’t say. I was referring more to the magazine in general. It’s refreshing to see any magazine that deals with books at all.

  4. Sasan Says:

    Jules Verne must be in there. I am surprised he is not in the top ten.

  5. erik Says:

    Interesting that an originally greek story makes the list, but no other foreign language books. Is the implication that adventure books in German or French or any other language inherently can’t be as interesting as English ones?
    I remember that one of my favourite adventure books was a German book called “Die lange lange Strasse lang”, which I would translate roughly as “Along the long long road”. It is the story of a man who flees from a Russian prisoner-of-war camp in Siberia and then walks all the way home to then West-Germany. I would have thought it deserved at least a look-in on the list :)

  6. erik Says:

    Oh, and before I forget, what about “Treasure Island”? It makes almost any other list, why not this one?

  7. Jos Says:

    What language do you think Don Quixote is originally written in?

  8. erik Says:

    Sorry, I had overlooked Don Quixote on the list.

  9. Jos Says:

    No problem at all. I agree completely with what you said about Treasure Island. And with Sasan. It

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