goncourt is announced

The Goncourt jury skipped the shortlist this year and announced its winner: Jean-Pierre Amette for La Maitresse de Brecht, which tells the story of a woman sent to spy on Bertolt Brecht.


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  1. Alex Says:

    Lighten up, Stewey…

    “If you have sent me email and not received a reply, it is because you are among an alarming number of people who (a) don’t know their email return address; (b) can’t spell their email return address; (c) don’t have an email return address; or (d) have not properly installed an email address in the return address slot of the email software being used. It would be very helpful, not just to me, but to everyone you email, if you would set up your software properly.

    Also, I’ve never read his “work” but I love this give and take he has in an the interview on his site he refers potential emailers to:

    Q. Why do you ask, in the introduction to the email function on your website, that readers not write to you with corrections?

    A. Because, by the time the readers read the book and write to me, the process is already out of my hands. If they find some large, important error and send it to my publishers, perhaps a correction can be made for the next printing, but that doesn

  2. Alex Says:

    Perhaps proving Stewey’s point about idiots with computers, this comment makes a lot more sense when paired with the blog entry immediately above.

  3. moorishgirl Says:


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