give up those cards

Stop hogging the Ace of Hearts (?!) and the Ace of Clubs cards. It looks like Uday and Qusay may have been captured. Actually, most reports say that they were killed, which is a shame; it would have been a completely cathartic experience for Iraqis to watch them brought to trial for their crimes (not to mention they would have been an important source of intelligence.) But I’m sure Iraqis will take what they can get when it comes to those two. Speaking of which, whatever happened to Tariq Aziz? I know he surrendered to U.S. troops, but I haven’t seen anything in the news about his fate.
Another piece of somewhat good news from the otherwise horrible mess in Iraq is that John Abizaid is establishing a police force at long last. (Okay, it’s a militia, but it’s a start.)


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