get well soon

Amy Tan has contracted Lyme Disease, says the Washington Post is this atrociously titled article. Symptoms include fatigue, memory loss, and “dropping first letters of words when writing by hand and replacing words with similar-sounding gibberish when speaking.” What a nightmare.


2 Responses to “get well soon”

  1. Bill Day Says:

    What a tragedy, the more so since Lyme disease is apparently not that difficult to cure in its early stages. How poignant for a novelist to be stricken in the faculties that govern speech. I hope that the suggestion that she is bringing another book out holds the promise of recovery.

  2. freddie Says:

    I can appreicate your dislike of the title to the news article. But most papers love topun in their titles. The New York Times style manual makes a strong statement about punning titles and neve uuses them in its articles.

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