first, they came for foreigners…

and we said nothing, because we’re not foreigners. We told ourselves that those people were a motley group of mostly Afghans and Arabs who were enmeshed in the fighting in Afghanistan. We said nothing when they were labeled “enemy combatants,” flown to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and denied their rights under the Geneva Convention. We said nothing when some started committing “suicide” or died under dubious circumstances.
Then they came for the illegals. And we said nothing because we’re not illegals. After all, these people had let their visas expire. They did any number of things that other illegals in this country do (e.g. Latin Americans,) but these ones were Arabs, and we thought better safe than sorry.
Then they came for legal visa holders. And we said nothing because we’re not immigrants. They asked them to register with the INS and then starting detaining them by the hundreds, even though they were complying with the INS orders.
Now they’re coming for naturalized citizens. Mike Hawash, an Intel Engineer, was arrested a couple of weeks ago and has been held ever since, without charge or access to lawyers.
Who’ll be next?


6 Responses to “first, they came for foreigners…”

  1. Anton Sherwood Says:

    Next is me, I guess: US citizen from birth but born abroad.

  2. Anton Sherwood Says:

    Well not me exactly, since Italy isn’t known for fundamentalist Islam. But if the Padanian separatists ever turn violent …

  3. Sean Says:

    Is this Hawash stuff legit?

    You may or may not have noticed that the tribunals to try “illegal combatants” are now being set up. I notice that one of the charges to be brought against Guantanamo detainees is “degrading treatment of prisoners”……..laugh or cry – you choose.

  4. moorishgirl Says:

    The hawash stuff isn’t hogwash, I’m afraid. It’s all legal under the PATRIOT act.

  5. Adnan Says:

    they are trying to make patriot act permanent. fun fun.

  6. Erik Says:

    I can think of a number of dictators who would have loved to have thought of this themselves.

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