divine intervention

Saw this in Time magazine at the bookstore yesterday and it intrigued me:
“Heard any good Palestinian jokes lately? In TV news clips, the inhabitants of the occupied territories don’t seem to be a laughing people. That’s one reason Elia Suleiman’s Divine Intervention is a cure for nagging ethnic generalities. This Palestinian sort-of-comedy has a sly wit that amuses and disturbs in equal, salubrious measure. From the Santa Claus who gets a cleaver in his chest to the Israeli cop who relies on a blindfolded Arab prisoner to give directions to a stranger, the film mixes the deadpan delight of Buster Keaton’s classics with the elegant image framing of a Robert Bresson tragedy.
And here’s the best joke. The film, which won the Jury and Critics’ prizes at Cannes, is not eligible in the foreign-language Oscar category. The apparent reason? Each film has to be nominated by its home nation and Palestine is not a nation. (Neither is Hong Kong, but that region does get to choose an Oscar candidate.)”
But there’s more to life than Oscar. Read more about Elia Suleiman’s movie: Ninja Babe in Jerusalem.


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