davis recall underway?

California news today is dominated by the talk of the recall of Governor Gray Davis. Recall backers say they’ll turn in 1.5 million signatures to county election offices today, more than enough to force the recall. If the recall does indeed go through, a bunch of Republicans are only too happy to run, with Congressman (and Arab-American) Darrell Issa being the front-runner. I’m weary of the recall. Besides being a huge waste of money and time, I doubt putting Republicans in the governor’s mansion will solve the $38 Billion deficit.


2 Responses to “davis recall underway?”

  1. Larry Says:

    we’d need to solve the problem of greed first

  2. Big John Says:

    “We’d need to solve the problem of greed first”

    Let’s see, the Reps want to spend less of the taxpayer’s hard earned money (leaving it in their pockets), and the Dems want to spend even more, despite the huge deficit. What part of that do you not understand?

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