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Yesterday, Powell told the Senate Budget Committee that a transcript of a new Bin Laden taped to be released by Al-Jazeera would demonstrate the link betwen Al-Qaeda and Iraq and that this link could no longer be “looked away from or ignored.” The State Department spokesperson, Richard Boucher, declared to Al-Jazeera that the tape showed that the Iraqi president and the terrorist leader are “bound by a common hatred.”
So the message is: Saddam and Bin Laden are old chums, and, really, we ought to do something about it. Simple enough for you?
Except that’s not the whole story. On the tape, Bin Laden calls Saddam and his Baath party “infidels,” a term we all thought was reserved for us Americans. Bin Laden is no friend of Saddam.
But did this bit make it on the news? I watched a local broadcast, and all that was mentioned was the threat of suicide attacks, Saddam and Osama’s alliance, etc.


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