cooler than thou

Someone thinks Moorishgirl belongs to a “Cool Lit Club,” which he proceeds to bitch about, but he hasn’t bothered to provide a live link. Now how on earth am I supposed to get hits from the truly cool crowd he represents?

Link via Bookslut.


7 Responses to “cooler than thou”

  1. al Says:

    Sounds like someone has “blog-envy” :)

  2. clodia Says:

    that is the saddest thing i have ever heard of!

  3. jessa Says:

    What a fuckwit. He bitches about me on the website about the “negative” review I gave to the Believer. Except it was a positive review, written by someone else. It’s so dumb, it’s difficult not to get angry.

  4. Sarah Says:

    If you’re truly cool, then you’ll magically get hits by osmosis (or Google, but they are the same thing.)

  5. Jonathan Edelstein Says:

    Well hey, you are cool.

  6. Leila Says:

    Not only are you totally cool, but I want to be in your club.

    Do you serve mint tea? are there cushions for reclining or is it more like rush bottomed chairs and marble tables? Is the mint tea just mint leaves or with black tea added? and is smoking allowed? (I quit but I’m just wondering) Water pipes? musicians? Storytellers? epic poetry reciters?

    Looking forward to the invitation to the club opening. Maybe we can organize one up here in Oakland if you haven’t gotten your club permit in Southland yet.


  7. felicia Says:

    I read the post, why is this person so bitter? And of course, YOU are totally cool :)

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