clinton memoir in china

Looks like the Clinton memoir was somehow purged of “offensive” material before its publication in China:

Nearly everything Mrs. Clinton had to say about China, including descriptions of her own visits here, former President Bill Clinton’s meetings with Chinese leaders and her criticisms of Communist Party social controls and human rights policies, has been shortened or selectively excerpted to remove commentary deemed offensive by Beijing.

Link via Publishers’ Lunch.


3 Responses to “clinton memoir in china”

  1. Big John Says:

    How horrible! A media that the Clinton’s don’t actually control! It’s more than a New York senator should have to bear.

    Don’t those awful so-and-so’s know that Hillary’s Words are sacred?

    Still, the book seems to be selling fairly well there. Odd. But hey, Hillary is a great writer, right? “Best seller in history” and all that, right? A future president can use a best seller under her belt, that’s for sure.

    I wonder where S&S is holding those hundreds of thousands of copies they claim sold like hotcakes here? Probably the same old warehouse that held all those books by previous democratic politicos…

  2. eldan Says:

    so…. censorship is OK provided it happens to people you don’t like? Or am I reading too much into your comments?

  3. Big John Says:

    Eldan wrote:
    “So…. censorship is OK provided it happens to people you don’t like? Or am I reading too much into your comments?”

    Heaven forfend! The last thing I want is for speech from the left to be stifled. Heck, I want MORE, not less. I want the distinction between conservative and liberal phlosophies to be crystal clear.

    What bugs me is the way leftists come over all centrist minded just before elections, and then revert to form later. I admit conservatives do that too, but to a much lesser extent, because their base is much more rigidly principled, and won’t stand for much waffling.

    Lib voters seem to care much less how their guys act during elections, IMHO because it’s understood that it’s all just election talk, and not to be taken seriously.

    Those darned conservative voters actually think a polititian ought to SAY what he/she believes! Rather silly, really. That’s no way to win elections. Ask Clinton…

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