bush, the poet

The full text of the poem George Bush wrote his wife is here. Would you care to take a stab at a parody?
Via TLL.


6 Responses to “bush, the poet”

  1. Kynn Bartlett Says:

    The poem is immune to parody. Nothing could be more pathetic than the real thing.


  2. commonbeauty Says:

    Mr Bush is not an intellectual. Mr Bush is, in fact, not a particularly intelligent person.

    But this poem is not evidence of either of those things. This poem just shows that he, like many husbands, has a soft spot for his Mrs. Such poems ARE supposed to be silly little things, full of cuteness, signifying nothing.

    Who gives “The Waste Land” or “Sailing to Byzantium” to his wife? Let’s be reasonable here, people…

  3. Jean Says:

    Let’s not begrudge people the pleasure of making light of something that, after all, Bush chose to make public.

  4. thehiker Says:

    I thought this was a parody. Don’t tell me it’s real!?!

    peace & love,


  5. Dud Says:

    Well,I was moved. Or was that my lunch?

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Never misunderestimate
    My devotionality to you

  6. Jonathan Edelstein Says:

    According to CNN, it was Laura who made it public, probably to her husband’s great embarrassment. Given that I’ve written my share of bad poetry to Naomi (albeit not quite that bad), I’ll withhold judgment.

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