It looks like the Bush administration is ready to relax emission regulations for power plants (see story here). Maybe the energy problems in the northeast last week will give them the break they were looking for. Woo hoo! Energy companies get richer and air gets easier to see. Meanwhile, environmentalists everywhere are tarnished by the actions of the Earth Liberation Front, who caused millions of dollars in damage to some southern California dealerships and their inventory (see story in the LA Times).


2 Responses to “ATTACK OF THE ELFS”

  1. Leila A. Says:

    I agree with you in principle, Moorish Girl.

    But today while driving I had another thought about this. My Middle Eastern conspiracy mind clicked into gear. Heard an ad for Pleasanton Hummers – they are desperate to sell their 2003 demonstration models. Deals, deals, deals! I wondered if Hummer is having a hard time selling the behemoths (even though I see them all the time on the freeways of Oakland – yech).

    Then I thought of that warehouse that got torched in LA. Wouldn’t it be convenient for a dealer who has too many Hummers on hand to lose them all in a fire set by evildoing environmentalists? Then get all those loyal Hummer owners and wannabes to rally? You might even sell some more Hummers.

    It’s a paranoid thought, I know. But hey, I lived in Cairo for nearly a year, and learned to think of the worst conspiracies possible. Sometimes they even turn out to be true.

    For instance, wouldnt’ there be pretty good security at a Hummer warehouse? How did they get in? It’s got to be pretty difficult to set that many trucks on fire. Etc.

    But I’m the one who always thinks that violent demonstrators at peace rallies are FBI plants (and you know what, they probably are)

  2. al Says:

    Yikes! You like conspiracy theories even more than me! I hadn’t thought of the dealer doing it to themselves, it would seem to be pretty risky, in my opinion. I guess the fact that the ELFs admit it should quell those conspiracy tendencies…

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