Today’s New York Times includes a piece on Arab American writers featuring, among the poets, the up and coming (Suheir Hammad) as well as the established (Naomi Shihab Nye). The article also mentions novels to look for this Spring by Diana Abu-Jaber and Laila Halaby. Oh, and it “outs” Arab American writers who don’t directly address Arab American themes, like Mona Simpson. The future of labels is safe.

Thanks to Sami for the link.


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  1. DJSUBg Says:

    ir ead this article in the times on wed. I recall visiting my sister in DC last year and going to a poetry reading and i think it was Suheir Hammad who i saw – she had mentioned that she was from Brooklyn when she introduced herself and i let out a very innappropriate “Brooklyn in da hiz-ouse!!!!”

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