another blow to freedom

Three weeks ago, when Ali Lemrabet was sentenced to a four-year prison term for articles that appeared in satirical papers he owns, many people thought the case would not stand on appeal due to widespread criticism of the sentence in Morocco. But today, Lemrabet’s case failed on appeal. He has been on a hunger strike since the original sentence. It isn’t clear what happens next. A Supreme Court appeal or a pardon would be the only two ways to save him from a stay in jail. Here is Human Rights Watch’s report on the case.


One Response to “another blow to freedom”

  1. Jonathan Edelstein Says:

    This is bad news. An appellate decision three weeks after a trial verdict seems very fast; is it common for appeals to be processed this quickly in Morocco, or is this a sign that Lemrabet was railroaded? His lawyers apparently walked out of the appellate hearing at one point, which suggests the latter.

    I suppose we should be glad that the court of appeal reduced his sentence from four years to three, but that seems like a very small silver lining in a very dark cloud.

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