An Interesting Observation and A Plug

Terry makes an excellent point about policitian-speak: He figures that lies sort of come with the territory, but he’s bothered that even when something is obvious, politicians will feel the need to spin it. Recently he came across an article by Michael Kinsley in Slate, which talks about Howard Dean’s candidness when he called Saddam’s capture a “great day” for the Iraqis and the Americans as well as “frankly, a great day for the Administration.” None of the other candidates came close to acknowledging this. Mostly they spoke of what a great relief it was that the dictator was caught, but glossed on what it really meant for their chances in 2004.
Here’s the plug. I was at the Dean for America site yesterday and noticed they have a new drive (okay, so maybe it’s a bit old, but I was busy moving, ok?) in which they try to get $100 donations from 2 million Americans. The idea is that 100 x 2 mil = enough money to actually compete with Bush. Now wouldn’t that make for a more interesting race? Go on over there and donate.


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