America’s most literate cities

A new survey from the University of Wisconsin (Whitewater) ranks America’s 64 largest cities by their literacy “quotient.” The magic number is crunched from U.S. census data, newspaper circulation rates, library resources, and number of booksellers, among other things. The top city? Minneapolis.
Unsurprisingly, L.A. isn’t in the top 10 or even the top 20. It’s at number 54, tied with Toledo, Ohio (gulp.)


4 Responses to “America’s most literate cities”

  1. thehiker Says:

    I’m not surprised by LA’s rating. Is there a link to the list?

  2. moorishgirl Says:

    Ooops. I’m sorry. I’ll add the link.

  3. Larry Lurex Says:

    Is that the same Minneapolis that is so far north it is practically Canada? Figures.

  4. Steve Says:

    Don’t fret…the study doesn’t take into account socio-economics. For example a city with a large population of poor people is likely to have a diluted average education level and education level is highly correlated with “literacy”. Cities like LA and NY actually have a large populations of poor people AND large populations of non-english speakers.

    Perhaps a more interesting, and more sophisticated study would try to match socio-economic groups across cities and compare their literacy…that would give a greater indication of the cities “culture” of literacty.

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