introducing serg

I asked my friend Serg to write an article about about his music, and here’s what he came up with. Enjoy.

The Music of Today
Sergio Glamboozer

Well, sometimes things go “chirp chirp” and other times I sit in my own chocolate cake. Then I stop and think about a nice piece of fish and BLAMMO! I find myself waking up on a floor someplace wondering where the hell my wallet is! Then I get the compulsion to leer at some saucy thing wearing vinyl and all of a sudden my brain begins to superheat like a wet pair of underwear being microwaved on maximum scorch. Sooner or later, I’ll make plinky noises on something while my lips get fat and slimy as I slobber on something metal. Then I get a craving for Corn Chex with vanilla soy milk. Just as I’m about to leave, Mr. Rockstar has to come by and corner me in my lair. No escape! So I sit and listen and continue to chirp in my head as I fantasize about gravity defying haircuts. At some point or another I’ll listen to something intangibly good and lament in how sounds sort of just evaporate into ether, leaving only partially clad fashion mongers in their wake. Somewhere in there lies a reason for a fairy tale, but it’s hard to see when your whole existence starts floating from one little bar to another. Is that where we’re really supposed to dwell? In the Sea of Lost Souls? I guess if given the choice I’d rather build something cool while loafing on thick shag carpet. I think Legos are much more entertaining anyway.

~The End~