writer sites

The Salt Lake Tribune has an article on writers’ websites (not necessarily blogs). The article hawks sites by the likes of James Patterson, Stuart Woods, and Catherine Coulter. No mention of other writers.

Writers’ sites vary a little in sophistication and a great deal in friendliness. Some writers cheerfully talk about where they get their ideas and answer questions from readers in an uncondescending way.
Woods is not quite as patient.
One reader asks Woods about a specific character, Stone Barrington, who is rich. The reader wonders whether Woods’ success and wealth have begun to “leak” into his fiction. “Why do you think Stone’s lifestyle and mine are the same?” Woods responds. “And if they are, whose lifestyle should I write about, if not my own? It seems to me that most people are interested in reading about characters who are richer than they are.”
Someone named Marie asks where she can get a complete list of his work. “Questions like this make me crazy, Marie,” Woods writes. “I have received hundreds of e-mails from readers asking me to send them a list, in chronological order, of all the books.”
He adds, “They are, apparently, too lazy to look in the front of the book they have just finished, or to consult the Web site, and they drive me nuts.”

Stuart Woods: Forgive your fans for existing.