captain underpants in hot waters

“The stink started with a picture drawn by Pam Santi’s 7-year-old grandson. ‘It was disgusting,’ said the Riverside resident. ‘He was drawing a piece of poop.’
More specifically, Taylond, a second-grader, was sketching Deputy Doo-Doo, the villainous character in ‘The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby’ by Dav Pilkey.
The book is part of the author’s bestselling “Captain Underpants” series, which presents such subjects as talking toilets, troublemaking cafeteria ladies from outer space and a mad scientist named Professor Pippy P. Poopypants.
Santi, who is also guardian of her grandson, was appalled to find that the scatological story was available at his school, John F. Kennedy Elementary.”

You can guess what happened next. In Complaint to Riverside Schools, Toilet-Humor Book Doesn’t Amuse. (requires registration)