more hersh hoopla

A couple of weeks ago, Seymour Hersh wrote an article on Richard Perle that caused quite a stir. A few days ago, Perle announced his resignation as chairman of the Defense Policy Board. Although Hersh’s article wasn’t about Perle’s dealings with Global Crossing, I’m sure it did little to assuage people’s concerns over Perle’s conflicts of interest.
The April 7 issue of the New Yorker features another article by Seymour Hersh (no link yet) that alleges that “U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld repeatedly rejected advice from Pentagon planners that substantially more troops and armour would be needed to fight a war in Iraq.” Read on.
Can’t wait to get the issue in the mail so I can see what the hoopla is about this time.

Update: Seymour Hersh’s article is now online. Enjoy.