mailer in newsweek

Here’s an interview with Norman Mailer in Newsweek. Like John LeCarre, Salman Rushdie, and other writers, he’s not too hot on the war with Iraq:
“Leaving aside all the usual explanations the oil, the fact that if the people in power in this country win they will then have this commanding position in the Near East forgetting all that, the fact is, that war could just go on and on and on. But I don’t think that bothers our leaders very much. I think they kind of like the idea that if the country gets very military, then they can stop all the free, free love, gay liberation, women’s liberation, all the things they detest. There’s no question that the level of uncertainty, the absence of absolutes, has probably never been greater. So the longer the danger goes on, the longer they have to create a new kind of society. We’re in for curious times. ”