john le carre on the bush administration

John LeCarre, the man who has made a living by writing terrific spy novels as well as more ‘reflective’ books like The Tailor of Panama, has an Op-Ed piece in today’s Times Online, titled “The United States of America has gone mad.”
He decries the lack of debate about the proposed war on Iraq, the lack of coverage of all the issues plaguing the U.S. Administration to the exclusion of the war plans, the bewildering support of Tony Blair for the war, etc.
However, I think he’s got it wrong on a couple of points. To wit, I don’t believe that “88% of Americans support the war.” It’s more complicated than that. Americans oppose unilateral action, and want Bush to get U.N. support before doing anything. In addition, Americans rank Al-Qaida as a far greater risk than Saddam.
Overall, though, the piece is definitely a worthwhile read, especially since he expressed the opinions of many Brits. Plus he’s got a real way with words, that man. Unfortunately, I’m sure he’ll be ridiculed just as much as all those actors who told Bush to shove it. After all, they’re just artists. What the hell would they know about the world, right?
Link via The Literary Saloon and Maud Newton.