the trials of henry kissinger

We went to the Nuart tonight to see The Trials of Henry Kissinger, a documentary about the alleged role of Kissinger in some of the 1970s’ most dubious U.S. foreign policy actions. The idea started with two articles by Christopher Hitchens for Harper’s Magazine, in which he claims that Kissinger should be tried as a war criminal. The articles were later developed into a book. The filmmakers interview Hitchens, a score of Kissinger associates and colleagues, as well as journalists who had covered the events of the time.
The film leads one to make some interesting parallels between what the U.S. was undertaking in the 70s in countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Chile, and Timor, and today’s actions in the Middle East and elsewhere. Makes you wonder whether twenty years from now, we will be seeing a documentary called The Trials of Rumsfeld and Cheney.
The movie is in limited release right now, but certainly worth your time. Go see it before it disappears out of theatres. (BTW, celebrity sighting at the theatre: Ron Eldard, looking quite down to earth, and politely sitting through the credits and question/answer period.)


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