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In this post, I asked why Saudi nationals were not being subjected to the controversial special registration by INS. After all, if the logic is that nationals of certain countries require “closer monitoring” who more than Saudi citizens should be subjected to this? This article, from the British paper The Spectator, has some opinions to offer as to why that may be. The strength of the ties between the Saudi ruling clan and members of the current Administration have long been known, but the article does a good job following the money trail. Specifically, the fact that two of the hijackers’ money can allegedly be traced all the way back to the wife of Saudi Arabia’s ambassador in the United States. In case you didn’t know, Prince Bandar and his wife are familiars of the Bushes, and have been invited to the family ranch in Crawford, Texas. But my favorite part in the article is the claim that Saudi Arabia requires that any U.S. ambassador sent to its soil should not speak Arabic. Priceless.
Bush and the Saudi Princess.
Link via Michael Moore.
[Addendum: I found out that Saudis are part of the third (and last?) group to have to register, with the deadline coming in February. This information, although supposedly added by INS on Dec. 18, was not there at the time I wrote my entry on Dec. 19]


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