O’Reilly’s Truth

Bill O’Reilly. What can I say? Only in this country can a man who anchored a trashy tabloid show like Inside Edition pretend to know the truth about the Muslim world. I wouldn’t normally bother with this article, but he mentions Morocco, and that piqued my interest.

O’Reilly claims that when he went to Morocco kids came up to him, asked for handouts, and then asked him “Are you a Jew?” Problem is, child beggars would be hard pressed to string together a complete question in English. But maybe O’Reilly understood what they said because he speaks Arabic. And not just any kind of Arabic — Moroccan Arabic, notorious for its love of difficult consonant clusters. Give it to the man for actually trying to communicate with the natives.

O’Reilly also claims that “they are taught hatred of the Jews at school.” Wow. He actually stepped inside a Moroccan school and examined all the textbooks? Heh. Course not. Because if he were to visit a Moroccan school, say in Casablanca, he might notice that some of the pupils are Jewish.

The worst is that he claims that unless the U.S. keeps up its protection of Israel, there will be another Jewish Holocaust. Someone tell this man that while the Nazi holocaust was going on in Europe, the Moroccan sultan refused to hand over his Jewish citizens to the Vichy government of France for deportation to concentration camps. If hatred of the Jew was ingrained in Muslims, why didn’t the Moroccans sacrifice their fellow citizens in 1941?

But that’s not the kind of thing he wants to hear. He already knows the truth.


One Response to “O’Reilly’s Truth”

  1. victoria Says:

    bill o’reilly is so terribly annoying. i can only imagine how many people read/heard that and assumed it was true. sigh.

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