harper’s weekly round up

is available here. Favorite items:
“America agreed after many requests to share intelligence on suspected Iraqi arms sites with the United Nation’s weapons inspectors, who keep insisting that their work has only just begun. The United States, which edited Iraq’s weapons declaration before distributing it to other members of the U.N. Security Council, removed the names of 150 companies that were listed as contributors to Iraq’s arms programs. ”
“The Department of Justice added Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Armenia to the list of countries whose adult male citizens residing in the U.S. must register with federal authorities but later dropped Armenia after it was pointed out that most Armenians are Christian. Federal authorities began releasing hundreds of Muslim immigrants who were arrested when they showed up to register under the new rules.”
“It was reported that the Bush Administration will propose a new centralized system for monitoring all activity on the Internet. White House officials downplayed reports that the Pentagon is planning a propaganda assault on allied countries and emphasized that the president would never condone anything that involved lying.”
…and so on. There is no permalink, so these gems will only be there till next Tuesday.


2 Responses to “harper’s weekly round up”

  1. Maud Says:

    I love this magazine. On the plane back from Miami I read a great defense of traditional liberalism (and critique of the impending attack on Iraq) by George McGovern.

  2. Maud Says:

    (I meant to say that the article appeared in Harper’s.)

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