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I can’t believe it’s already October. Last month really flew by. In looking at my site this morning, I’m having second thoughts. I wonder if the old design was better. And I still haven’t gotten around to linking to all the archives from last year. But I do like MT much, much better than Blogger.


3 Responses to “blogging prefs”

  1. jct Says:

    love reading the site… and yes, movable type is great… but i liked the old design better… :)

  2. Laila Says:

    Yeah…that’s what I was thinking. I’ll try and put something together soon.

  3. neil Says:

    I think the issue is white space, there was a more harmonious ratio of the austere, darker and classic tones in your old blog.

    you might just try a new palette :)

    I feel somewhat guilty since I was such an ardent advocate of MT over blogger – but it does take a lot of wrangling from the author to get it to look nice.

    not to worry, the look is such a small thing — despite the fluctuation in style, your posts have plenty of substance to go around.

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