anti-war rally

On a related note, 100,000 people marched in Washington today to propose the “pre-emptive” war against Iraq, although coverage of this has been rather subdued. At any rate, here’s what the Post had to say:
“Tens of thousands of people marched in peaceful protest of any military strike against Iraq yesterday afternoon, in an antiwar demonstration that organizers and police suggested was likely Washington’s largest since the Vietnam era.”
More here.


2 Responses to “anti-war rally”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Laila, it’s past time that I actually commented on your blog. I have to say that it’s a relief, and comforting in its way, to be able to read the articulate opinions of someone with whom I *agree* on these subjects. I get so disheartened dealing with the media ‘crap.’ And I decided to comment on this entry specifically because I *hadn’t* heard about this even through the media. (Granted, I tend to ignore the media more than I should, but still. :) I also wanted… what the heck am I putting all this here for? I’ll just e-mail you. :)

  2. eldan Says:

    wow. The media I’ve been reading just makes no mention at all that there is any opposition to the war in the US. I’ve met some Americans on my travels who are very eager to stress that “we’re not all the same you know, and most of us didn’t vote for Bush”, but I had no idea there was that level of organised dissent….

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