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While Bush continues to beat the drums of war, it would seem that few people are questioning the wisdom of his move. I think in reality there are plenty of people who don’t want the U.S. to go to war, but there isn’t nearly enough coverage of that dissent in the media. The media seems to want the war. After all, ratings and ad rates would go up and the major media outlets are owned by companies for whom going to war could very well mean financial profit.
Some recent signs that people are not all aligned with the Shrub’s policies:
According to MobyLives’s informal survey of independent bookstores, Chomsky’s book 9-11 and William Rivers Pitt and Scott Ritter’s War on Iraq continue to sell well. MobyLives delves into this phenomenon and asks the question: If these books are selling so well, how come they are not on the bestseller list?
Meanwhile, actors Mike Farrell and Anjelica Huston are due to send a letter to Bush signed by a hundred other celebrities (including Ethan Hawke, Matt Damon, Sam Jackson, etc.) asking him to stop his war rhetoric.
Elsewhere, the Not in Our Name movement continues to sponsor anti-war events and rallies. (Check your local NION for events near you.)
I suppose I’m writing this mostly to convince myself that not all is lost. It’s so upsetting to watch the country headed in such a catastrophic course that I need to cheer myself up somehow.


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  1. maud Says:

    I agree that the media coverage of dissent has been poor.

    I know tons of people who are opposed to the war which, oddly, seems to be a foregone conclusion in the media. Even NPR is covering the Iraqi weapons declaration out of one side of its mouth, and is talking about the military build up “in case of a war on Iraq” out of the other.

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