I can’t believe how well the US team is doing the World Cup. They’ve just ousted Mexico, and now they’re going to be in the quarter-finals!

For the members of the U.S. soccer team, the most improbable day of their careers dawned today with a phone call from President Bush, who told them how proud he was of their performance, while confessing he knew little about the game they play. (…)
“The world of soccer is shrinking. It’s truly a global game now,” U.S. Coach Bruce Arena said. “Federations from all over the world can compete with anybody. At the end of the day, the great ones — such as the Germanys, the Englands, the Italys — they are still going to be there. But we can compete against those countries on a given day.” (…)
Sombrero-wearing Mexican supporters filled one end of the stadium, dangling signs that read “Vamos Mexico! Si Se Puede! (Let’s Go Mexico! Yes It’s Possible!) Across the way, a smaller band of flag-waving Americans bounced up and down, their banners proclaiming “The Yanks Are Coming!”

Indeed they are. Next up is Germany. I really believe the US team can beat them. Germany’s already lost quarter-finals in the two previous Cups to other smaller teams, so why not with the US?


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