If further proof were needed that Arafat is a completely irredeemable corrupt ruler, here it is. The Arab daily newspaper Al Watanclaims that he pocketed $5 million, which had been intended as humanitarian aid for the Palestinian people.

Even worse, the newspaper claims Arafat also diverted aid money from Arab states–earmarked for those who had lost homes in the recent Israeli incursion into the West Bank–and invested it to increase his stock holdings in a concrete company, thereby profiting from rising concrete prices resulting from increased demand for construction materials to rebuild the destroyed Palestinian housing.

Arafat stole $5.1 million in foreign aid
The most sickening part about it all? There is probably no other leader of good maturity and standing that can win in the proposed end-of-year Palestinian elections. There is a political vacuum. Hanan Ashrawi, where are you?


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