Remember last month’s gaffe by the Beijing Evening News? When they reprinted as fact a story that appeared in The Onion? Well, they finally got around to retracting it.

After initially refusing to run a retraction, this city’s most popular newspaper has apologized to readers for an erroneous report that U.S. lawmakers were threatening to pull out of Washington unless a fancy new Capitol was built.
The state-run Beijing Evening News admitted in its Tuesday edition that it had been snookered by a story published by the Onion, the American publication known for its spoofs of current events. The Onion reported last month that members of Congress were pressing for construction of a brand-new Capitol, complete with a retractable dome and luxury boxes, in order “to stay competitive.”
Last week, the Beijing Evening News rehashed the item as a real news story, without citing its source. But after “our reporter in Washington checked out [the story], he discovered that some of its contents were identical to the Onion’s joke article,” the Beijing tabloid said Tuesday.

Beijing Newspaper Retreats, Apologizes for Capitol Gaffe


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