Straight out of a Tom Clancy novel: The Moroccan secret service, which participated with the CIA in interrogating 14 Moroccan nationals being held at Guantanamo, was able to get information about an Al-Qaida recruiter operating out of the Kingdom. This individual, a Saudi national, was then tailed by the Moroccan secret service, leading to the arrest of 3 alleged Al-Qaida members, who were reportedly plotting suicide attacks in nearby Gibraltar against NATO ships passing through the straits. There are no intentions to extradite the three, and they will be prosecuted according to Moroccan law. The Moroccan press today is unanimous (e.g. this article) in congratulating the DST (Department de la Surveillance du Territoire, the secret service) and the Gendarmerie Royale, but is worried about possible connections between Al-Qaida and Morocco’s own burgeoning islamist movement.


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