From the Detroit Free Press:

Mohandas Gandhi’s wooden spinning wheel still stands among the simple throw pillows where he once sat cross-legged, threading cotton, receiving world leaders and promoting his vision of a unified, secular India. Today, just beyond the whitewashed cottages of the independence leader’s ashram, across a dry riverbed where sacred cows graze under the searing subcontinent sun, Muslims and Hindus have turned on one another with a ferocity not seen in a decade. The violence in Gujarat, Gandhi’s home state where he founded his ashram, has claimed more than 950 lives statewide since late February, mostly Muslims beaten or burned to death, or killed in police shootings. Human rights activists say the death toll may come closer to 2,000 when missing people are also counted in the western state. (…)
“Whenever you have deluded yourself that you have been freed of the religious biases your forefathers lived with, the poison that flowed in their veins, comes a fierce reminder like this,” [Indian filmmaker] Bhatt said. “The Indian mind is still shackled to its religious prejudices. Incidents like these just mirror the real soul of India.”

Read more of this excellent article at: Hindus, Muslims juggle old hate, shared hopes via Holy Weblog.


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