Went hiking this weekend. Alex checked the weather report and it was supposed to drizzle lightly on Friday, clearing up by Saturday, with some more drizzle by Sunday afternoon. This sounded pretty good because we were supposed to do Mount San Gorgonio, and it’s nicer to do this trail when it’s not too hot. So we pack up, get to San Bernardino County around 2 pm, and then find that it’s actually rainy and cold, not drizzly. No problem, we can take it, we think. We then drive up to the foot of the mountain and find snow. That’s right. Snow, the last weekend of April. At that point, I was ready to turn back, but Alex and his two hiking buddies were getting so excited I didn’t want to rain (ahem) on their parade. So we decide to march forward. Thank God Alex had packed hats, ponchos, and some thermals.

I didn’t expect to like it, but it was one of the best hikes we’ve ever done. After the initial shock of walking through the snow and the cold, we warmed up and started to appreciate the scenery. It was much more beautiful than in September (the last time we did it). It was very peaceful and the snow-covered trees looked unbelievably beautiful. It was great. We made it to Halfway Camp by 5:30, set up the tent, ate dinner, and tried not to freeze. The temperatures dropped some more, it snowed some more, and none of us got any sleep. By 10 pm, there was ice everywhere, including in the tent. I can honestly say this was the coldest night of my life.

Next morning, the sky was clear and the air was magnificent. All the boys were hoping I would say that we should just go back because none of them wanted to spend another cold night but they didn’t dare say it. The funny thing is that after we compared “night in the cold” stories, the consensus was that noone wanted to spend another night there, so it was out of the question to summit that day because it would have been a bit too much with all the stuff we had brought. The sun made an appearance around 8 or 9 am. That helped warm us a bit. Then, while our friends slept in the sun, Alex and I hiked up to High Creek camp, and noticed some clouds up in the distance. We went back down and told the others about the bad weather coming in, and everyone hurried to pack up the equipment (which by 11 am was finally drying up some), and headed back down the mountain. It was fun. I will post some pictures if I have some time today.


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