From Newsweek:

“I went to the airport check-in counter,”says Egyptian-American comic Ahmed Ahmed to a packed room at L.A.’s Comedy Store. “The lady behind the counter asked if I packed my bags myself. I said yes, and they arrested me.” The audience titters nervously. But by the time he gets to his first Osama joke “The only virgin he’ll get in the afterlife is Janet Reno” they’re giving up the big laughs. (…) The Western and the Muslim worlds may seem more alienated than ever, but there’s a growing demand for humor that bridges the gap. The Comedy Store’s “Arabian Knights” shows regularly sell out. “I know I’m not a Middle Easterner,” says Tripoli, “but we are all brothers with unibrows” and Arab-American comics are landing prime spots in clubs nationwide.”

Laughter’s New Profile.
For tickets, see the Comedy Store homepage.


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