Go past the misspelling of “principles” and the pop reference to the Coen brothers’ film, and just enjoy this article at the Discovery News site:

Most historians attribute the classic Greek works to the poet Homer. According to the recent study, though, Homer–if such a writer existed–likely scripted the Iliad solo. But he probably had plenty of help from other poets when creating the Odyssey (…)

[Researchers] came to that conclusion after replacing syllables and pauses in the poems with numerical symbols. Zero represented long syllables, short syllables equaled the number one, and the number two represented pauses. The resulting numerical strings of characters were then analyzed with a computer program based on Fourier physics, which uses numbers or symbols to reveal patterns in functions. The researchers found that rhythmic patterns in the Iliad were more consistent, suggesting that the poem had one author. The Odyssey was broken into groups of similar structures, indicating that more than one poet had contributed to the work.

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